About The Pashmina Store
Pashmina Passion Started It All

The Pashmina Store's mission is to connect to fashion and value conscious individuals while providing a satisfying experience through an easy-to-use website featuring North America's best selection of authentic pashmina wool (cashmere) fashion accessories. This experience is defined by our products, our presentation, our customer service and a commitment to fairness in all that we do.

Since 2000, The Pashmina Store has been proud to bring you the finest quality pashmina scarves, wraps, and shawls. What makes our products so special is that they are created in Nepal using traditional artisan methods and only the softest materials available.

You can enjoy your entire experience at The Pashmina Store because you will always enjoy free standard shipping and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Most products ship the same business day or the next, so you will start enjoying your new pashmina fast!

The Pashmina Store began back in February 2000 when Charlene Martina, an avid traveler and fashion enthusiast, took a lengthy tour of Southeast Asia. During a stop in Nepal, she ventured into the region where some of the finest quality pashmina products were created. Although Charlene was already aware of how versatile pashmina scarves, wraps, and shawls were, the experience of watching them be produced gave her a deeper appreciation of just how special pashmina really is.

She was impressed at the time and great care that went into creating every single item. Charlene extended her stay in Nepal, and also went to Kashmir, so she could visit with different artisans and enjoy talking with them about the process of creating the finest pashminas in the world and hear the stories about how their traditional secrets were handed down from generation to generation.

For most people, this new appreciation for pashmina would have stopped there but not for Charlene. She wanted to share her new passion for pashmina with everyone back home in the United States. Using the relationships she developed with the top pashmina artisans, she started to import the finest products available and gave them as gifts to friends and family. But very quickly word got around about Charlene's wonderful pashminas and demand grew.

In early 2001, Charlene was supplying fashionable pashminas to specialty retail shops throughout the United States. Later that same year, she also began supplying select mail order catalogues and fashion-oriented Internet retailers. The pashminas also became very popular for weddings and as bridesmaid gifts. Charlene's desire to share the softness and comfort of the pashminas she discovered in Kashmir and Nepal seemed to be fulfilled - but this was not the case.

What Charlene wanted was for everyone to be able to experience the finest quality pashminas. It was frustrating to her to see the people she was supplying them to marking up the retail prices so high that most people simply could not afford to get even one top-quality pashmina for themselves. She wanted people to be able to spruce up their wardrobes with 2, 3, 4 or more authentic pashminas, not man-made materials like viscose or those made with lower-grade pashmina wool.  But at retail prices of anywhere from $149 - $299 for the real thing from Nepal or Kashmir, getting even one high-grade original pashmina was out of reach for most people. If one wanted to get several pashminas for their wedding or as bridesmaid gifts, it was especially out of their budget.

So Charlene decided that she would stop supplying anyone else and simply go direct to the customer. In late 2003, The Pashmina Store was born. This allowed her to offer her pashminas on an exclusive basis at fair prices and with superior customer service. In 2005, demand outside of the US and Canada grew so great that shipping was opened up to the UK, Australia, and several other countries in Europe. The Pashmina Store continues to be noted for its quality and value by customers and the fashion press, including Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Because of Charlene's passion for pashmina, you too can now enjoy the wonderful, affordable luxury of your own fashionable pashmina (or 2, 3, 4 or more). Everyone here at The Pashmina Store hopes you enjoy your visit to www.thepashminastore.com and will share "pashmina passion" with your friends and family as well.